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TateHindle has revitalised an outdated 1970s office block renamed Irongate following a comprehensive refurbishment bringing it up to contemporary standards. Situated in Aldgate, opposite Grimshaw’s St Boltoph building and St Botolph without Aldgate church, Irongate sits on the boundary between the City of London and the East End.

A new entrance closer to the street

Featuring a repetitive deep-set window design considered to be a key element of the facade, the building’s granite clad exterior has been retained. A dark and extensive undercroft, which dominated the original entrance, has been enclosed and extends the building’s ground floor. As well as bringing a new entrance closer to the street, this also doubles the size of the reception and creates dedicated space for bike storage, lockers and shower facilities.

Using a refined palette of materials to create an impact

The interior has undergone a dramatic transformation with a redesign of the reception and communal areas, and a Cat A refurbishment to the six office floors above. Designed to create an impact from the street, the reception features an eye-catching scheme using lines of recessed strip lights which run elegantly along walls and across ceilings in unexpected angles. A restrained black and white colour scheme is complimented by a refined palette of materials including aluminium mesh, Corian and copper. Striking black linear lights and window reveals add character to office floors and enhance the building’s aspect from outside. Creating a strong brand for the overhauled building was a critical element of the design brief; Irongate celebrates its new identity boldly with the addition of illuminated signage placed either behind or over black mesh panels.

Linking with the wider regeneration of Aldgate

The building’s redevelopment links in with the regeneration works currently taking place to improve Aldgate, including the provision of new cycle and pedestrian routes and the creation of Aldgate Square, a new landscaped public space adjacent to Irongate. The railings and steps, which surrounded the building’s original entrance, were removed as part of the refurbishment works to improve access for tenants and passersby alike and connect with the newly created public realm. The amenity which includes a landscaped garden, seating, a water feature and pavilion, offers tenants an attractive view to look out onto and also provides a green space to enjoy.

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